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By supporting M-LIFE, you are making an important contribution to the future of one of these projects or to M’s general operations.

M-LIFE fondation

Support M-LIFE as a fund

The general donations that M-LIFE receives play an indispensable role in the management and conservation of our collection, scientific research, organizing high-quality exhibitions and remaining an open arts centre for one and all.
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Support M’s educational projects

M seeks to make a contribution to public wellbeing through social-artistic projects. To this end, we regularly cooperate with associations to initiate impactful social projects.
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Supporting regional artists

Creating new artworks requires time, means and risk-taking, not only for the artist and curators, but also for the public. At M, we invest in the future of art and the artists of tomorrow. 
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Support the M collection

In addition to exhibitions with international loans, M also organizes exhibitions of pieces from its own M-collection, which comprises 52,000 artworks ( We can thus use this collection to continue to tell multivalent and relevant stories on a regular basis. Moreover, this allows us to reveal something of the richness of the collection. But this also entails certain costs. Your donation enables us to continue to restore and conserve the collection, conduct scientific research and organize exhibitions of the M-collection. M can thus continue to consolidate its place on the map as a dynamic museum that combines old masters and contemporary art in a unique mix.
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Dobedo. Stimulating resilience through art and creativity.

Dobedo helps children to think about their own emotions, talents, dreams, and uncertainties through artistic expression. Dobedo is an effective programme that stimulates the cognitive development and resilience of children thanks to art and creativity. Child and youth psychiatrist Griet Dupont and theatre maker Peter Verhelst are collaborating with M the expand the Dobedo Centre and they are counting on your donation.
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Dieric Bouts Restoration Realized

Dieric Bouts Restoration

Dieric Bouts lived in Leuven and painted this Flemish masterpiece in his typical style. The triptych, which is of exceptionally high artistic value, is considered to be one of the most important works by this Flemish Primitive painter. M plans to restore and analyse the painting meticulously to enhance our knowledge about Dieric Bouts and his artistic practice.
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M and Mater Dei are building a Pop-up museum

With the support of the Queen Paola Foundation and the UCLL college, we’re joining forces to open a Pop-up museum. Many of the pupils at Mater Dei are from vulnerable backgrounds. Various activities will be organized for them that are integrated into their school life, such as creative workshops and training courses to become tour guides.
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