Dobedo. Stimulating resilience through art and creativity.

Living is an art. Living is something you can learn. Dobedo enhances the mental resilience of children by allowing them to think about their own emotions, dreams, talents, and uncertainties. Creative dialogue is stimulated by means of art forms like images, text, movement, and music.
The Dobedo Academy was launched by child and youth psychiatrist Griet Dupont. Dobedo stands for DO to BEcome you and DO what is important for you to fulfil your dreams. Along with celebrated author and theatre maker Peter Verhelst, she wrote a children’s book, “The travels of Dobedo and of the eagle with a fear of heights.” It is a tribute to imagination, a story about love, magic, and fantasy. The story combines metaphors from age-old tales with the latest insights in the developmental psychology of young children. The book is the central leitmotif of the Dobedo Academy.
Self-confidence and discovery through artistic expression
Dobedo is an answer to a very real social need in these uncertain times. There is an enormous need for self-confidence. Dobedo is a programme in which children undertake an adventure to discover their inner power and unique potential. The children themselves can get actively involved in music, dance, circus, theatre, fine art, visual art, or a range of other forms of expression. And thus start their own real quest to discover: Who am I? What is my story? What are my dreams?
Children often find it difficult to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Artistic expression is an enormous help in this endeavour. Dobedo is an effective programme and genuine aid to the further development of children. M provides a museum context as a ‘learning space’ of artistic education. It is primarily a space for pupils, but also for teachers and parents.
Building the Dobedo Centre together
During the 2018-2019 school year, M-Museum Leuven is launching the Dobedo Academy in which workshops focused on resilience can be organized and tested for schools. At the same time, scientific researchers will map the impact of the workshops.
M aims to enhance and support the resilience of children through active and sustainable cooperation with schools, parents, and care workers. We are therefore going to rebuild the wing for workshops and studios into a genuine Dobedo Centre. The Dobedo Academy and the adventure studios will be given a permanent home here.
Will you join our adventure?
Dobedo is an adventure in search of who you are. In search of ourselves and our dreams, for who we are and who we want to be. All children have a positive desire to get to know themselves and develop. Will you join us in supporting the resilience of children through art and creativity?
Thanks to your gift, we can enhance the cognitive development and resilience of children through art and creativity. We are looking for funding to support the refurbishment of the Dobedo Centre, the psychologists who work at the Dobedo Academy, and the research we are conducting to measure the impact of the projects.

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