M and Mater Dei are building a Pop-up museum

Art unifies. Images, dance, drama, and music are universal languages that give children the opportunity to express themselves and meet one another. That is why M have launched a long-term collaborative project with the Leuven primary school Mater Dei, supported by the Queen Paola Foundation and the M-Life Fund.
Many of the pupils at Mater Dei Leuven come from vulnerable families. Arts formation is one of the most important pillars in the school’s educational project. In the collaborative project with M, the pupils will participate in creative workshops and courses to become exhibition guides, or they will visit our warehouse. In addition, the pupils will be offered the unique opportunity to create their own artworks with the help and support of a professional artists.

M connects school children to their neighbourhood
This educational project is not just limited to the school or the museum. In May 2018, the cooperation between Mater Dei and M resulted in a pop-up arts tour by and for children, which is currently winding its way around Leuven. The project thus aims to create connections between the school and its broader context.
For this arts tour around the city, forty pupils from Mater Dei took photos of inspiring places in Leuven with photographer Evy Raes. These pictures were the basis for twelve unique artworks that were later reworked into ten pavement stickers. Each sticker corresponds to a short film in which the pupils talk about their project. A book of activities guides visitors around the tour, which will run until 15 June.
The museum miss
Miss Conny teaches in the third year of primary school at Mater Dei. Every week, she spends one day working at the museum, and she has therefore been given the nickname ‘the museum miss’. She has seen her pupils grow and develop throughout the project: “Children at this age are like sponges. They absorb all the information you give them. At the beginning of the project, some of the pupils were very shy. But now they will proudly tell you all about the art they have created.”
“When we visited the warehouse, it was though they could almost touch the art; they were incredibly enthusiastic about it! These experiences outside the classroom are crucial for their growth and development. These are enduring memories that will stay with them for life.”
Make a donation
M-Life has collected €10,000 thanks to funding drives by the pupils themselves and through the foundation For a Better Life, a fashion show organized by Kiwanis Artemis Leuven and individual donations from people who support the project.
We are very happy with the amount we have raised, but since the project will run until at least 2021, we are looking for new donations to fund the upcoming projects. For example, in 2019, M and Mater Dei will expand their pop-up museum. Children, teachers, artists, and local people from the area will join forces again to enhance the project’s visibility and support in their city.
Would you like to contribute to expanding this collaboration and thus to enriching the life experience of children through art and culture? You can find all the options by clicking on the link below and choose how you would like to make a difference.