Extra breathing room for projects with social importance

The museum fund M-LIFE provides financial support for projects at M that have great social or public value. Thanks to the money we raise through M-LIFE, we can provide extra breathing space to projects that we at M think are important, and which also have social importance. The M-LIFE Museum Fund is based on four principles.
Kunst is voor iedereen

Art is for everyone

Buy your own piece and support rising artists

The past few months have made two things very clear to us. One: art is an essential part of our society. Two: this means we need artists, and – more importantly – they need us. M, the city of Leuven and Cera therefore want to invest in upcoming Belgian talent by purchasing their work. To that extent, M-LIFE is launching a crowdfunding campaign to support the importance of art in society.

I want to know more

Want to know more?

You can read the interview with Lydia Vandam, coordinator of M-LIFE, who explains what the sense is of such a fund, and why your donation is so welcome. Especially now that corona has hit the cultural sector so hard.

Read the interview with Lydia Vandam, coordinator of M-LIFE