Dieric Bouts Restoration

Dieric Bouts lived in Leuven and painted this Flemish Masterpiece, the Martyrdom of Saint Erasmus, in his typica style. The triptych, which is of exceptionally high value, is considered one of the most important works by this Flemish Primitive. You can see Bouts’ hand in the masterful painting technique, the harmonious and balanced composition, the depiction of the landscape, the tall figures, and the colour palette.

The Martyrdom of Saint Erasmus by the Flemish Master Dieric Bouts had been in need of restoration for some time. This summer, it finally happened. The restoration took place at home, in Leuven’s Saint Peter’s Church, where the work has been housed for centuries.

The restoration is now complete. On 7 March, the work was unveiled in the completely restored Saint Peter’s Church, which is also the setting for an entirely new visitor experience. Via augmented and mixed reality, The Last Supper by the same Dieric Bouts will come to life again, and visitors can discover Leuven’s bustling life both then and now.

M-LIFE received more than € 5.000 in donations, which made this restoration possible, and for which we would like to thank all the M-LIFE donors very warmly!

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